Unit No. 2 of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant stopped for annual precautionary repairs

Power Unit No. 2 of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) stopped operating on April 16 at 00:30 for a period of 73 days of annual precautionary repairs, according to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant.

Reactors, main circulating pumps, steam and turbine generators will be repaired. The modernization of the active zone emergency cooling, reliable power supply, sprinkler systems, as well as turbine installation auxiliary systems will be continued.

Along with employees of the ANPP main production plants, specialists from the Russian Federation, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries with rich experience in repairing nuclear power plant systems and equipment will be involved in the planned work.

The specialists of the RA Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee also have a special role in the process.

The commissioning of ANPP Unit 2 is scheduled for June 28.

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