Armenian PM does not rule out Azerbaijan could bring the peace talks to a deadlock

The commission on delimitation and security will be confirmed by April 30, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said as he presented a report on the implementation of the 2021 Government program.

Speaking about the results of the Brussels meeting, Pashinyan said an agreement was reached on the preparations of the peace treaty. He said the timeframe and format will be determined in the process, but stressed that “the signing of a peace agreement with Azerbaijan as soon as possible is part of our plans.”

“I must say that we do not have illusions here either, because we do not rule out that Azerbaijan will try to bring the peace talks to a deadlock as soon as possible, making it an occasion for new aggression and aggressive actions against Armenia and Artsakh. We have the same considerations in relation to delimitation works, because we do not rule out that Azerbaijan will use this process to formulate territorial claims against Armenia, de jure declaring that it has no territorial claims,” PM Pashinyan stated.

“Having calculated all the risks and challenges, we have reached the conclusion that standing at the same point and not making some progress in the process not only does not reduce, but also aggravates the risks. That is why we also agreed on delimitation in Brussels and decided to set up an Armenia-Azerbaijan bilateral commission on delimitation and border security by the end of April and start working,” he added.

“What is our strategy in this regard? To clarify the official positions of Azerbaijan on the issue of the border, to present the position of Armenia on the same issue, to be maximally legitimate in our positions, that is, to use only de jure facts and arguments in the border adjustment, to gain recognition of that legitimacy by the international community and reach agreement on Armenia-Azerbaijan borders on that ground,” the Prime Minister said.

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