European Commission to provide support to Armenia in improving aviation safety performance

In view of the enhanced aviation relations between Armenia and the EU evidenced by the signature of the Common Aviation Area Agreement (CAAA), the European Commission will provide support to Armenia in dealing with the identified deficiencies and to improve its aviation safety performance, the EU Delegation in Armenia informs.

The EU has recently signed new assistance project “EU support on strengthening safety oversight of Civil Aviation Committee in Armenia in air operations (OPS) and continuing airworthiness (CAW) domains.”

On November 15, the European Union and Armenia signed a common aviation area agreement, based on common high standards in aviation safety, security and air traffic management. The signing means new opportunities for consumers, airlines and airports in Armenia and the EU.

The benefits include new air transport opportunities, more direct connections and economic benefits to both sides:

  • All EU airlines will be able to operate direct flights from anywhere in the EU to any airport in Armenia, and vice versa for Armenian airlines.
  • All limitations and restrictions on flights between Armenia and the EU will be removed and the provisions on open and fair competition will guarantee a level playing field.

The Agreement will facilitate people-to-people contacts and expand commercial opportunities and trade between the EU and Armenia. It will also be a valuable instrument in the implementation of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

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