Dog walk, skate park commissioned in Yerevan (video)

The skate park, the dog walk and the renovated 6th part of the Circular Park in Yerevan have been commissioned, Mayor Hayk Marutyuan informs.

“Committed to our election platform, we are restoring Yerevan’s green zones and recreation areas. We are putting into operation the 6th part of the Circular Park, with an area of ​​more than 12 hectares,” the Mayor said in a video, as he presented the work done.

“We cleared the garden of illegal constructions, cleaned about 50,000 square meters of concrete and planted greenery, refreshed the trees and planted 8,600 flowers, planted more than 4,400 square meters of lawn, installed a new lighting network with 111 new luminaires, introduced a new irrigation system with 5,450 linear meters of pipes. We established two theme parks in the area: a dog walk and a skate park,” the Mayor said.

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