Yazidis to take the issue of 2014 Sinjar genocide to international court

The Yazidis will take the issue of 2014 genocide committed against Yazidis in Sinjar to international court, President of the Yazidi National Union Khdr Hajoyan told a press conference at Armenpress.

In cooperation with lawyers and European partners, a fact-finding mission has been carried out for years to compile all details into one package.

“An entire nation was subjected to genocide in 2014 in Sinjar. It was a mass atrocity, a crime perpetrated before our eyes in the 21st century. Over 400,000 Yazidis became refugees, children were kidnapped, women were raped,” Hajoyan said.

He reminded that the United States reacted at that time and delivered air strikes at Islamic State militants.

The Yazidi genocide has been recognized by several international organizations and countries, including Armenia. The Yazidi community will seek to achieve wider recognition.

By applying to international court, the Yazidis not only aim at reaching condemnation of the genocide, but also ensure that steps are taken to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Khdr Hajoyan noted that it’s a crime against humanity and stressed that justice should be restored.

He emphasized that the Yazidi genocide happened because the Armenian genocide was not properly condemned at the time.

The spiritual leader of the Yazidis in Armenia, Sheikh Bro Hasanyan said, in turn, that Turkey plays a role in preventing the return of Yazidis to their homes.

Aside from achieving condemnation of the genocide and holding the perpetrators accountable, the Yazidis expect to achieve a status of autonomy for Sinjar or creation of a buffer zone in that section. The Yazidis also want to have representatives at international organizations.

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