By opening the “trophy park” Aliyev joins the ranks of dictators such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein – Armenian MP

By opening the “trophy park” in Baku Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev joined the list of dictators such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein, Armenian MP Edmon Marukyan said in an address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe (PACE).

“The Public TV in Azerbaijan broadcasted an hour-long program inaugurating a new museum in Baku to celebrate the victory in the 44-day war in Nagorno Karabakh. In this show of terror, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev was seen proudly walking around in a military uniform showing off the Armenian military equipment and the life-size installation of the mannequins, figures parodying the Armenian soldiers, The centerpiece of the so-called park of the trophies was a long pathway made made from killed and captured Armenian soldiers,” the lawmaker said.

He stressed that all of this happened in a Council of Europe member state, “Azerbaijan is the country that continues to illegally hold more than 200 Armenian prisoners of war,” Marukyan said.

He demonstrated photos, showing Azerbaijani children playing with racist caricatures of Armenian soldiers.

“The opening of such a park clearly confirms that in Azerbaijan there is institutional hatred towards Armenia and Armenians,” the MP said.

He noted that by opening the park, Aliyev joined the list of dictators such as Hitler and Saddam Hussein. “What’s going on in Azerbaijan reminded me of Iraq in the late 1980, when another dictator utilized 5,000 Iranian helmets of the killed soldiers to complete the monument that he called the “Victory Arch.” That man was Saddam Hussein.”

“Aliyev thinks this is what will help him to glorify the strength of the ISIS-type army that Azerbaijan has. Like Hussein Azerbaijan decided not to return the prisoners of war, This park is clearly showing that the aggressive identity of Azerbaijani authorities and their true face: they promote racial hatred, consider ill-treatment and torture normal behavior to be presented and showed to the coming generations and the entire world,” Edmon Marukyan stated.

He stressed that history has proved that if necessary steps are not taken on time to stop dictators and their aggression, it usually stops being a local issue and spreads all over the world. He called for the MOPs’ condemnation and criticism and stressed that the park must be closed.

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