Armenia reports ten cases of UK coronavirus variant

Ten cases of UK coronavirus variant have been registered in Armenia, the Ministry of Health reports.

Researchers from the Laboratory of Human Genomics and Immunology of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, the Scientific Group of Bioinformatics and the Department of Bioengineering, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology of the Armenian-Russian University have decoded another 12 complete genomes of the new coronavirus using 3rd generation sequencing.

The samples were provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the RA Ministry of Health on March 18.

In contrast to the January survey, the British strain of coronavirus (B.1.1.7, VOC-202012/01) was detected in 10 of the 12 samples received in March.

Taking into account the fact that the possibility of infection with different strains is not ruled out, the Ministry of Health “once again calls for strict adherence to anti-epidemic rules: wearing masks, keeping social distance, washing or disinfecting the hands often, getting vaccinated against COVID-19.”

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