European Parliament condemns Turkey’s use of Syrian mercenaries in the Karabakh conflict

The European Parliament has strongly condemned the use of Syrian mercenaries in conflicts in Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh, in violation of international law.

In a resolution on the Syrian conflict the European Parliament also calls on Turkey to withdraw its troops from Northern Syria which it is illegally occupying outside of any UN mandate.

It condemns Turkey’s illegal transfers of Kurdish Syrians from occupied Northern Syria to Turkey for detention and prosecution in violation of Turkey’s international obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

It urges that all Syrian detainees who have been transferred to Turkey be immediately repatriated to the occupied territories in Syria; is worried that Turkey’s ongoing displacements could amount to ethnic cleansing against the Syrian Kurdish population; stresses that Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation has jeopardized peace in Syria, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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