Armenian singer charms the jury at the French The Voice

A young French singer of Armenian origin, Anaid saw the four armchairs turn around thanks to her cover of an Armenian song at the French The Voice, LCI reports.

She wanted to send a message of love and solidarity and she succeeded.

Anaid, 25, charmed the four coaches of The Voice with her interpretation of “Je suis une tomb” by Vincent Baguian, inspired by a traditional Armenian song that tells “the story of a shepherd at the top of his mountain who realizes that it does not belong to him any more,” as explained the young woman accompanied on stage by her father and her brother, also musicians.

“Music has no borders,” added the young woman. “It is this bridge between Armenia, the country of my roots and France, my country of birth, that I wanted to transmit,” said Anaid.

“I wanted to send a message of peace and hope, to say that we are in France but that we do not forget where we come from. It was important for me to get this message across in French so that as many people as possible can understand,”  she added.

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