Everyone in the region interested in the unblocking of transport links – Armenian PM

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says all countries in the region are interested in the unblocking of transport infrastructure.

“A constructive, mutually beneficial solution to the issue of opening the communications is one of the factors that can bring lasting peace to our region,” PM Pashinyan said in an interview with 1in.am news agency.

According to him, apart from lasting peace, it will bring certain economic benefits, change the economic image and potential of the region and Armenia, which “does not mean that there are no challenges that need to be managed.”

The Prime Minister added that there are challenges everywhere, but “again it is a matter of strategic choice.”

The Prime Minister said the communications are the vessels that connect us to the region, “and we have to set this agenda, we have to understand the threats that come from these environmental changes and the challenges, we have to determine the methods by which we have to manage them,” he said.

The Prime Minister said everyone without exception is interested in the unblocking of transport corridors, “Russia is interested, Georgia is interested, the Islamic Republic of Iran is interested, Azerbaijan is interested, Turkey is interested, the Republic of Armenia is interested,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the issue here is that these interests coincide or contradict on different occasions.

According to the Prime Minister, this is where we should be able to mitigate differences of opinion and emphasize commonalities as a result of subsequent discussions.

“You see, after the January 11 announcement, the discussions on the reopening of the Abkhazian railway have significantly intensified, which is very positive, the discussions on the railway line connecting the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea have intensified. These interests, of course, make the topic more interesting. I repeat, this does not mean that there are no challenges, PM Pashinyan stated. He added that at the same time, there are many potential opportunities, and choosing a correct stance on those is of strategic importance for Armenia.

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