Impossible to demarcate Armenia’s state border on the basis of Google Maps – Ombudsman

It is impossible to demarcate or delimit the state borders of Armenia on the basis of Google Maps or Google Global Positioning System (Google GPS), Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan says.

“It is not clear which version of Google Maps is the basis when Google itself mentions that there are many versions of online maps of the world. Or have we found out what algorithmic systems or positioning mechanisms underlie a particular version of an online map?” the Ombudsman says.

“The researches and observations of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia in the border settlements confirm that this approach seriously endangers the constitutional rights of life, physical and mental immunity, property of the residents of the border settlements,” Tatoyan adds.

“It is about the protection of the borders of our state, the physical security and safety of our people and each person,” the Human Rights Defender says, adding that “the issue of demarcations or delimitations requires professional approaches, results of scientific research, detailed on-site work, proper legal bases, etc.”

He stresses that the issue should be one of the exclusive priorities of our country, in the focus of everyone’s atttention.

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