Hospitals in Armenia to return to normal work, as Covid-19 cases decrease

Several hospitals in Armenia’s regions that had been reprofiled to serve coronavirus patients, will return to their normal work from August 1, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan told a briefing today.

He said that should the trend be maintained, several hospitals in Yerevan will also return to normal work within 7-10 days.

According to the Minister, the number of patients being treated is now decreasing, there are many free beds in hospitals, both in ordinary and intensive care departments.

Torosyan said, the hospitals will still be ready to reserve 2,700-2,800 beds for Covid-19 treatment, should the number of cases increase.

According to Torosyan, the healthcare system of Armenia is fully ready for the second wave of coronavirus, “if we assume that the second wave is going to be nearly the same as the first one.”

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