Russian war correspondent presents footage from Armenian-Azerbaijani line of contact

The WarGonzo project team was the first to manage to get as close as possible to the line of contact between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in order to take footage of the army dugouts and trenches, as well as the village of Agdam, where Azerbaijani mortars  and artillery are located.

War correspondent Semyon Pegov noted that the Azerbaijani side is shooting right from gardens in the village to prevent the Armenian artillery from opening return fire, because, he says,  civilians could suffer.

“This is not a priority task for the Armenian side. They [Azerbaijani armed forces] thus hide behind the civilian population,” the journalist says.

The team has also managed to find the point from where the Armenian Anvakh (“Fearless”) border post can be seen. The clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan started after the Azerbaijani side tried to take control of this combat position on July 12.

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