Armenian forces never target Azerbaijani settlements

Shooting at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border continues with different intensity, Spokesperson for the Defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan says.

“There are no casualties on the Armenian side,” she said, adding that all attempts of the rival are being targeted and neutralized.

She also said the Armenian forces never target Azerbaijani settlements.

“The Armenian side targets only the engineering infrastructures and military equipment of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces,” Stepanyan said.

At about 12:30 today servicemen of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan attempted to violate the state border of the Republic of Armenia, but the attack was repelled.

The Azerbaijani troops undertook a second attempt to capture an Armenian border post using artillery fire, but were forced to retreat, incurring loss in manpower.

Azerbaijan has reported three deaths, the Armenian side has incurred no losses.

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