Covid-19: Armenia’s Health Minister explains the large number of recoveries reported

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan says Armenia’s health system still manages to provide treatment to all coronavirus patients that need hospitalization thanks to more beds set up at different medical centers.

However, the Minister urges not to lose vigilance and calls to follow the simple anti-epidemic rules -wash or disinfect the hands, wear masks in public and keep social distancing wherever it is possible.

Commenting on the relatively large number of recoveries reported today, the Minister said those are mostly citizens with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all that were sent home from isolation facilities, when the strategy changed.

Of course, he said, people discharged from hospitals are also included in the statistics, but they comprise a small part.

Minister Torosyan said self-isolated people do not take a final test and are considered recovered after a 14-day quarantine.

Armenia has so far reported 13,675 cases of coronavirus; 4,451 people have recovered, 217 deaths have been reported.

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