Armenian PM says COVID-19 crisis not overcome, but the spread controllable

The crisis has not been overcome, but the spreed of the virus is controllable, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in a televised address to the nation today.

The Prime Minister spoke about the government’s efforts to overcome the coronavirus epidemic and the socio-economic consequences it has brought.

Pashinyan said 780 people are currently getting treatment, about 1,700 citizens are quarantined, another 2,647 have been ordered to self-isolate.

The Prime Minister presented the 13 anti-crisis measures adopted so far, and noted that the government continues to discuss measures and the future steps, assuring that all necessary decisions will be made “to face this impending crisis with dignity. “

“Our main task is to ensure that the 13 anti-crisis measures we have adopted are as effective as possible and reach the beneficiaries as soon as possible,” he stated.

Nikol Pashinyan stated that until a vaccine is found, the coronavirus will not disappear and we will have infected citizens. Therefore, he said, the main strategy is to make sure that the number of infected people is as small as possible not to overburden the healthcare system. On the other hand, he added, “we cannot be endlessly closed and live in quarantine or in a state of emergency indefinitely.”

“Therefore, our strategic task is to live in parallel with the coronavirus, and if necessary, together with it, and we must use the coming period of the state of emergency to acquire the necessary skills for this,” the Prime Minister said.

“We are gradually allowing economic activity to resume in various areas. But we expect special responsibility from employers who must provide special conditions for coronavirus safety in factories, workshops, construction sites, otherwise we will have to tighten the restrictions,” he added.

He noted that “this period of epidemic places a special responsibility on each of us. Each of us must do our best not to infect ourselves and not to infect others.”

He therefore proposed three simple rules: to keep a social distance of at least 2 meters when communicating with each other, touch the face only with disinfected hands and use only clean dishes and disinfected hairdressing tools.

“The coronavirus epidemic is forcing us all to adopt new rules of behavior and even new reflexes. After all, many rules of our behavior, many reflexes have been formed over time, under the influence of various factors, and perhaps now we live in a time when the situation will inevitably change our habits, forms of communication, daily movements,” Pashinyan stated.

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