Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian initiative prevented at Euronest

An anti-Armenian initiative by Azerbaijan has been prevented at Euronest Parliamentary Assembly. At the Energy Commission sitting the Armenian delegation has frustrated the passage of a motion requiring the closure of Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia.  

Just before a vote on proposed changes, head of the Armenian delegation Gayane Abrahamyan not only highlighted Azerbaijan’s biased stance on the issue, but also spoke about the strategic importance of energy independence and presented the opinion of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts that significant progress has been made in enhancing nuclear plant security.

Abrahamyan also emphasized the existence and importance of the provisions on energy security outlined in the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement.

The Commission on Politics, Human Rights and Democracy, in turn, adopted all proposals submitted by the Armenian delegation.

“Armenia and the unprecedented course of our reforms were the main topic of reports on the political, human rights and economic situation in the Eeastern Partnership countries presented by several international and regional experts,” the head of the Armenian delegation said.

She cited a recent report by IDEA on The Global State of Democracy 2019, which notes that Armenia recorded the highest number of statistically significant advances in the field in Europe.

Gayane Abrahamyan also emphasized the importance of adoption of a proposal connected with the propagation of xenophobia in the educational system, which is largely related to the anti-Armenian policy pursued by Azerbaijan at the state level.

The Armenian delegation is attending the plenary session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in Tbilisi December 7-10.

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