Being guided by Constitution is the privilege of free men, Armenia’s President says

The Constitution is the fundamental document that reinforces the rule of law, justice and people’s power in the country as a guarantee of independence and further development, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said in a congratulatory address on Constitution Day.

“The recent state-building steps are also based on the logic of that major law,” the President said.

“On this anniversary of the Constitution we can speak not only about the unequivocal fact of existence of sovereign and developing Armenia, which has taken the path of democratic development, but also about  its growing international standing,” President Sarkissian added.

The President added that the “will of the Constitution and the people is inter-connected. Today, people are the creator of their life and development agenda.”

“Together we must continue to build a politically and economically harmonious Armenia developing on the basis of reciprocal respect between the citizens and the authorities,” he added.

“Being guided by the Constitution and laws is not just a necessity and a duty, but also a privilege of free people aware of the value of their and others’ rights,” the President stated.

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