Armenian artist sculpts historic Jerusalemites in layers of paper and aluminum

Dutch-Armenian sculptor Karen Sargsyan sculpts historic Jerusalemites in layers of paper and aluminum, The Times of Israel reports.

He has spent the last three months in a makeshift studio, crafting his unique figures for a Tower of David exhibit opening July 8.

 “I didn’t separate Jewish history and history, it’s one big thing,” Sargsyan says. “These guys made part of history.”

Sargsyan sculpted a total of nine figures, including Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, Herod the Great, Melisende the crusader queen of Jerusalem, Suleiman the Magnificent.

They’ll soon be moved to their temporary abode at the Tower of David Museum, as part of the “Rock Paper Scissors” exhibit opening July 8, featuring Sargsyan, a Dutch artist of Armenian background, known for his bold, intricate sculptures made of paper.

Some of the figurines are human-size, built around a wooden base, yet oddly lifelike, with facial expressions, limbs and bodies seemingly ready to move and act, thanks to Sargsyan’s signature technique.

Sargsyan has shown internationally, including London’s Tate Modern and France’s Centre Pompidou.

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