New wave of protests in Armenia, as Parliament fails to elect PM

Armenians have taken to the streets for a new round of protests after the National Assembly voted down protest leader Nikol Pashinyan’s bid to become Prime Minister.

Protest leader Nikol Pashinyan, 42, was the sole candidate in the parliamentary vote, but failed to get a majority backing following nine hours of hearings.

Shortly after the vote, Pashinyan told thousands of supporters at a rally in the capital Yerevan that their struggle was far from over, and called for a “total strike” the next day.

Streets in downtown Yerevan and the entries to major government buildings havee been blocked since 8:15 this morning, traffic is stalled.

The Parliament is now set to hold new election of the Prime Minister next Tuesday. Should the Parliament fail to elect PM, it will be dissolved and snap elections will be organized.

The road to Zvartnots International Airport has also been closed, although no flights have been cancelled.

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