Junior Eurovision 2017: First stage of voting starts today

The results of the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be determined by national juries and an online audience vote! National juries will consist of music industry professionals and kids. Your vote counts as well, for the first time ever through online voting!

The first phase of online voting will start at 18:00 CET on Friday 24 November where a recap of all the rehearsal performances will be shown before viewers can vote. After this, voters will also have the option to watch longer one-minute clips from each participant’s rehearsal. This first round of voting will stop on Sunday, 26 November, at 15:59 CET.

The second phase of online voting takes place during the live show and starts after the last performance and will be open for 15 minutes. International viewers can vote for a minimum of three countries and a maximum of five. You can also vote for your own country’s song. These votes will then be turned into points.

The amount of points will be determined by the percentage of votes received. For example is a song receives 20% of the votes, then it will receive 20% of the available points. The public vote will count for 50% of the final result. The other 50% will come from the professional juries.

The 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Tbilisi’s Olympic Palace on Sunday, 26th of November at 16:00 CET.

Armenia will be represented at the contest by Misha, who will perform 4th at the contest that features 16 participants.

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