Yerevan hopes to finalize accord removing Armenia from US export control list

Yerevan is hopeful to conclude an agreement with the United States that will remove Armenia from the US list of export controlled countries, Armenian Ambassador to the United States Grigor Hovhannissian told Sputnik.

“We have a couple of agreements in the legal field that we would like to finalize for signing about double taxation and removing Armenia from the list of export controlled countries,” Hovhannissian said on Tuesday.

Hovhannissian pointed out that the Information Technology (IT) sector is successfully developing in Armenia.

“We would like to prepare a framework agreement for signing for our [United States and Armenia] next meeting. We have discussed it with the Americans. We are working on that,” the Ambassador added. “In October, we will join a US-Armenia intergovernmental working group meeting, and this framework agreement is on its agenda.”

Hovhannissian also said that Armenia hopes Washington understands Yerevan’s position to develop good relations with both the United States and Russia.

“We have strategic relationship with Russia and it does not exclude good relations with the United States. One should not exclude the other,” Hovhannissian said on Tuesday. “We hope that the new US Administration will understand our position of duality as it was understood by the previous Administration.”

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