Direct flights from Egypt to Armenia to be operated from June 18

The General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia has given the AMC Airlines a permit to operate Hurgada-Yerevan- Hurgada, Sharm El Sheikh-Yerevan- Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgada-Yerevan-Sharm El Sheikh flights.

The Hurgada-Yerevan-Hurgada flights will be operated from June 18, 2018. The flights in Sharm El-Sheikh-Yerevan-Sharm El Sheikh direction are expected to start from September 24, 2017, while Hurgada-Yerevan-Sharm El Sheikh flights will be operated starting from September 17.

The Air Cairo Airline will also operate weekly flights from June 20 to October 28 in Hurgada-Yerevan-Hurgada direction.

The air company is also planning flights in Sharm El Sheikh-Yerevan-Sharm El Sheikh direction between June 22 and October 28.

The flights will be operated every Thursday.

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