Russian sappers to demine military training areas in Armenian mountains

Photo: Sputnik/ Sergey Guneev


Russian sappers from Russian military base in Armenia have started mine-clearing activities, the spokesman of Russia’s Southern Military District told Sputnik on Monday, Sputnik reports.

The sappers from the Russian military base in Armenia have started mine-clearing activities in the military training areas located in the mountainous areas of the Caucasian state, Col. Vadim Astafyev, the spokesman of Russia’s Southern Military District told Sputnik on Monday.

“The activities of the servicemen are conducted in the new Dublon protective suits along with… the [mine-sniffing] dogs and the use of advanced mine detectors… The military sappers would explore some 10 hectares [24 acres] of training areas,” Astafyev said.

He added that about 100 servicemen as well as over 10 pieces of military hardware are involved in the demining activities.

Russia has its 102nd Military Base in the city of Gyumri, located in northern Armenia. In line with bilateral treaties between Moscow and Yerevan, the base in Gyumri will run through 2044. The facility is on alert as part of the CIS Integrated Air Defense System.

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