Made in Armenia-2016 Expo opens in Yerevan

President Serzh Sargsyan visited today the Made in Armenia-2016 Exhibition, which will be opened in the Meridian Exhibition Center in Yerevan on September 19-22. The main goal of the exhibition is to present Armenia’s existing industrial potential, opportunities for development, and assist in entering new markets.

The traditional exhibition of the Armenian goods and services this year brought together over 300 companies from Armenia and Artsakh engaged in food, jewelry, alcoholic beverages production, products of light industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, construction materials, precise machinery and information technologies. The exhibition is attended also by the business delegations from the countries which can be perspective for the Armenian economy.

The President of Armenia toured the Exhibition and inquired about the products and services of the companies represented at the Exhibition and conversed with the representatives of the companies about their problems and development programs.

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