NSS urges members of the armed group to lay down arms: Deadline set at 17:00

The Armenian National Security Service has issued a statement warning that it will no longer tolerate the “escalation of situation by the armed group through terrorist actions, the firing in the direction of law enforcers and citizens outside the seized police station.”

The NSS says that after the events that took place late on June 29  all reasonable opportunities of reaching a peaceful settlement of the situation have been exhausted.

‘The use of force envisages by RA legislature and justified by the current conditions is extremely necessary to protect citizens from attacks threatening their health and lives, to rebuff an armed assault threatening the life and health of servicemen of the law  enforcement bodies, to prevent the use of weapons by the armed group, release the hostages and free the seized state buildings, as well as pressure the resistance of the armed group,” the statement reads.

The NSS calls on the members of the armed group to lay down arms and surrender to the authorities. The deadline is set at 17:00 today. Otherwise, the NSS sais, the special forces of the law-enforcement bodies are authorised to open fire without warning and neutralize any armed man inside or outside the seized police station.

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