NSS: People connected with the armed group arrested

The Armenian National Security Service informs that a group of people connected with the gunmen that attacked the premises of the patrol service of RA Police has been arrested.

The NSS says the group supported crimes committed in the past and keeps supporting the planned ones.

“Members of the armed group currently on the territory of premises of the patrol service directly guide and give instructions to their supporters in order to organize and perpetrate criminal actions threatening the life and health of citizens and inciting provocative and criminal actions,” the statement reads.

The National Security Service warns that other persons intending to support the armed group have also been individualized and are under constant monitoring of the authorized state bodies. All legal and accessible measures are being taken for the prevention of the possible criminal actions.

Taking note of the above-mentioned, the NSS strongly urges the citizens to be watchful at places of gathering, to leave any area in case of spotting strange behavior or suspicious items and immediately inform the law-enforcement bodies.

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