Germany should next criminalize the Armenian Genocide denial





The adoption of an Armenian Genocide resolution by the German Bundestag should be followed by a bill criminalizing its denial, Armen Marukyan, Head of the Department for the History of the Armenian Cause and Armenian Genocide of the National Academy of Sciences, told reporters today.

“If Germany accepts there was genocide, it will be very logical to criminalize the denial of that genocide,” Marukyan noted. He said the bill is especially important for Germany, which is home to about 3-3.5 million Turks, who keep denying the Armenian Genocide.

Armen Marukyan offers to translate the text of a similar bill submitted to the French National Assembly and address an official letter to the Bundestag leadership.

“Germans have to adopt this law if there are truly guided by democratic values. They may even reject the bill, but we have to try,” he said.

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