Sargsyan, Aliyev will meet in Vienna, but no results expected, analysts say





The Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan will meet in Vienna, but the meeting will produce no results, Head of the Modus Vivendi Center Ara Papyan told reporters today.

Political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan also believes that speaking about resumption of the negotiation process is senseless.

“We see that at this moment the parties are moving in completely different directions both on the military and political fields, which actually is leading to a new collision,” the analyst said.

“Unfortunately, the resumption of war is the most likely scenario today, because, having failed in its April attack against Karabakh, Azerbaijan was actually deprived of several important political platforms it was using in the negotiations. Today Azerbaijan has more serious reasons to start war than it had on April 1, because it has lost important factors it was using against Armenians,” he said.

According to Ara Papyan, Azerbaijan is not solving a Karabakh issue now. Rather, he said, it’s trying to destroy Armenia. He believes that there is only one way for depriving Azerbaijan of the opportunity to wage war – to move forward and reach Yevlakh.

“Azerbaijan must not be able to export oil and gas. In this case it will not have money, if it has no money, it won’t be able to fight. This is the only way out, all others are temporary solutions,” Papyan said.

“Give Karabakh to Azerbaijan, it will claim Zangezur the next day,” he added.

According to Ara Papyan, today it’s necessary to work with the indigenous peoples in Azerbaijan. “They are aware of what Azerbaijan represents and the Azerbaijani authorities are contributing to this by their discriminative policy against the indigenous peoples.”

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