The philosophy of negotiations should change: Ara Papyan





The recent military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan showed that there is no negotiated solution to the Karabakh conflict, first of all because Azerbaijan’s extremely harsh and uncompromising position, Head of Modus Vivendi center Ara Papyan told a press conference today. According to him, Azerbaijan pursues the aim of destroying Armenian statehood.

“We must implement a similar policy, using all domestic problems inside Azerbaijan, e.g. the ethnic and religious controversies,” he said.

“Ceasefire does not yet mean peace, therefore, the rules of war are working,” Papyan said. According to him, it’s necessary to think about creation of new security opportunities both in political and military respects, at the same time deepening the relations with the West.

“We can at least anticipate targeted statements and condemnations instead of the blurred, indefinite ones,” he said.

Papyan noted that “at this point most Armenians and the NKR authorities strongly oppose the principle of “territories for peace or status” formula that lies in the basis of talks.” Therefore, he said, the whole philosophy of the negotiations needs to change.

As for the status of Karabakh, Ara Papyan believes Artsakh’s joining Armenia is more correct and more acceptable to the world than independence.

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