One should not expect breakthrough from OSCE Minsk Group: MP





One should not expect a breakthrough from the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs, Republican MP Artak Davtyan says. According to political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan, the Minsk Group did all it could.

“The task of the OSCE Minsk Group at this point is to stop the bloodshed rather than resume the negotiation process,” Iskandaryan told reporters today.

As for the perspectives of Artsakh’s involvement in the negotiations, the political scientist said “it’s hardly possible in this difficult stage, when the main objective is to stop the conflict.”

According to Artak Davtyan, one should not expect a breakthrough, a ‘miraculous’ document from the Minsk Group.  He believes the mediators should now work to have the parties return to the negotiating table.

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