Return of Kamp Armen a sign of flattery before elections: Expert





Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party resorts to all means to get votes on November 1, political scientist Mushegh Khudaverdyan says. According to him, the decision to return Kamp Armen to the Armenian community also fits into this policy.

Turkey is currently living the most strained period of its modern history, Khudaverdyan told reporters today. “Surveys show the situation has not changed after the previous elections of June 7 and the ruling party will again fail to gain majority. Therefore, the chaos in Turkey will continue,” the political scientist said.

The expert does not exclude there will be an internal split in the Justice and Development Party after the failure, but the collapse of Erdogan’s party is unlikely.

According to Khudaverdyan, yesterday’s move to return the historic orphanage to the Armenian community was also a demonstration of “flattery.”

People, who struggled for Kamp Armen for 175 days, always hoped it would be returned, Anush Kazan Asaturoglu told Public Radio of Armenia. She did not exclude, however, that the motive behind the decision was to ensure the votes of Armenians at the forthcoming elections.

The deed to Camp Armen, a historic Armenian orphanage in Istanbul, was returned to its original owners after protests against the then owner  over the demolition of the site.

Gedikpaşa Armenian Protestant Church Foundation, the first owner of the orphanage located in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, received the deed on Tuesday.

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