Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kim and Khloé visit Armenia – Photos

Armenia trip is featured in  Season 10 of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Show that returened on E! Sunday.

Sunday’s mid-season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians began with the family cooking dinner at Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s house. But Kourtney was understandably upset that Kylie Jenner flaked on spending time with them.

“Kylie has been really distant, just not responding to texts, which is so not like her,” Kourtney said. “I just feel bad. With her dad transitioning, everyone’s been really emotional…and I just want to make sure that she’s okay, but I haven’t even seen her.”

Later, Kim Kardashian met Khloé Kardashian at her house as she was packing for their very first trip to Armenia! “You, me, North and Kanye are going to rule that town!” Khloé said. “Dad would have been so excited,” Kim replied.

Afterward, mama Kris Jenner visited Khloé to find out if Rob Kardashian was going to join his sisters in Armenia. “You know he’s not going,” Khloé told her mom. “You guys have got to leave him alone and let him have a breather.”

“I just want to encourage him to go,” Kris replied. “So, you want to force him to go to Armenia with the most popular Armenian girl ever?” Khloé responded.

Subsequently, Kim and Khloé flew to Armenia later that night with Kanye West and North West. When they touched down, it was safe to say they were greeted with a warm welcome.  The sisters were obviously thrilled to visit the country and learn about their ancestors, but they were disappointed that Rob and Kourtney weren’t there.

At their hotel, even more fans were waiting outside. “They’re all chanting Kim’s name,” Khloé said. “Kim is in her glory. She loves all this. If Kim ever loses a little bit of fame, she should just move to Armenia. She’ll be golden for the rest of her life.” LOL!

The next morning, Khloé and Kim got ready to embark on an Armenian adventure around the city. But first, Kim had some surprising news to share with her little sis! “I am pregnant!” Kim said. Yay!

“When did you find out?” Khloé asked, surprised. “Like two days ago,” Kim responded. “But I haven’t told anyone, just you. I told North last night, but I don’t think she understands.” Aww!

“I really thrived when you were fat and pregnant and they compared you to a whale,” Khloé said to her. “It was the first time I was ever the thin one.”

“This is like your moment to shine,” Kim told her. “You’ve got to do every sexy photo shoot you could possibly imagine. Kourtney’s just not sexy anymore.” Ouch!

“That’s so sad that you guys have to be pregnant for me to be the thin one,” Khloé joked.

Kim, Khloé and their cousins visited an authentic Armenian carpet factory for dinner, music and a traditional fashion show. When the cultural center representative came over the welcome the ladies, Khloé had an unusual request for the attractive woman. “My brother isn’t here and you’re such beautiful girl, can I take a picture of you? I want to show my brother how beautiful Armenian girls are!”

Following fashion show, Kim told the representative that she really liked one of the necklaces. She immediately took it off the model’s neck and gave it to Kim to wear! “Literally, if Kim said, ‘Oh, you’re daughter is so cute,’ they would give Kim their daughter!” Khloé said. Ha!

Later, the sisters were given the opportunity to try on traditional Armenian garments. After that, the group invited Kim to dance, but she coerced Khloé to join in the festivities in her place.

In Armenia, Kanye visited the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, an art and technology school, where the students got an opportunity to play their music for the Grammy-winning artist!

Elsewhere, Kim and Khloé met with a genealogist to learn more information about their heritage. She told them that they were able to locate their ancestors’ hometown and their old house, and they would be able to visit! Then, the conversation turned to the tragic Armenian genocide. “My great-great grandparents—that’s why they moved to California,” Kim revealed.

Later that night, Kim called her mom to chat. When Kris started tearing up about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, Kim cheered her up with her excited pregnancy news! “That’s the best thing I’ve heard in so long!” Kris said.

Later, Khloé, Kim and Kanye visited the Armenian Genocide Museum and memorial to pay their respects. “It was always so important to my dad to understand about the genocide,” Kim said. “Being here is a little overwhelming because it really does put everything in perspective when you think about how many people were killed and how many lives this affected.”
On the way back from the memorial, the sisters revealed they wished their brother was there to share the experience with them. “My dad was so proud of our heritage and it makes me so sad that Rob doesn’t feel that way and want to start a family,” Kim said.”All we can do is be there for Rob,” Khloé said. “But other than that, we can’t want him to get better more than he wants to get better.”

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