Two are needed for a tango, and the EU is ready to dance with Armenia: Polish Ambassador





We hope Armenia will be represented at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga at the highest level, Ambassador of Poland to Armenia Jerzy Nowakowski told a press conference at the National Press Club today.

From the very beginning the program was aimed at establishing close cooperation with Armenia, to bring official Yerevan closer to the EU. Its purpose was to provide Armenia with an opportunity to learn about the European experience, the Ambassador said.

Commenting on the perspectives of cooperation with the EU after Armenia’s decision to join the Eurasian Economic Union, the Ambassador said: “Two are needed for a tango, and the EU is ready to dance with Armenia.”

Is it possible to create a free and comprehensive free trade zone in the future? “Never say never,” he said.

As for the parliamentary elections held in Nagorno Karabakh Sunday, Ambassador Nowakowski said: “As no country has recognized Nagorno Karabakh, giving a political assessment would be incorrect. For the Polish Government Karabakh is a territory with no legal status and is not considered a state,” he said.

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