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Turkey slams European Parliament’s resolution on “1915 events”

On Wednesday, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry slammed the European Parliament’s decision to adopt a resolution that urges all EU member states and Turkey to recognize the 1915 events as ‘genocide’ and accused the resolution of mutilating history and law, Daily Sabah reports.

“The European Parliament known for contriving obstacles to the development of Turkey-EU relations aspired once again to rewrite history regarding the 1915 events,” said the statement published on the ministry’s official website.

The statement also said that the parliament repeated the exact mistake it had made in the past in an incompatible way with international law and exceeding its competence, recalling another resolution passed by the parliament in 1987 that recognizes the 1915 events as a “genocide”.

“We do not take seriously those who adopted this resolution by mutilating history and law. The participation of the EU citizens with a rate of 42% in 2014 elections already implies the place that this Parliament occupies in the political culture of the EU,” the statement reads.

Saying that the parliament’s selective and one-sided approach on the 1915 events has the potential to harm the relations between Turkey and EU, it will also fail to bring a solution to the issue between Turkey and Armenia.

The ministry reiterated that Turkey has assiduously fulfilled its duty on the 1915 events and called on Armenia to achieve such a level of maturity as soon as possible.

During its plenary session on Wednesday the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.

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