President Sargsyan’s congratulatory message on Motherhood and Beauty Day

Dear women and girls,

I cordially congratulate you on Motherhood and Beauty Day. From time immemorial, motherhood has been a subject of worship. The manifestations of love and gratitude towards mother have been an inseparable and important part of world, as well as of Armenian arts and culture.

Upbringing of a healthy, educated and patriotic generation is first of all and truly regarded as the virtue and heroic deed of Armenian mothers. We witnessed that heroism 100 years ago when Armenian mothers, writing on desert sands, taught the Mashtotsian alphabet to their children on the road of deportation, believing in their own and our salvation and survival. Today we honor our mothers: they provide the key guarantee for our people’s eternity. And it is no accident at all that this year the RA Presidential Award for Significant Contribution to the Cause of the Armenian Genocide Recognition has been awarded to Armenian women subjected to genocide, in the person of our 20 compatriot female survivors who presently continue to bestow maternal warmth on their families and set an example of steadfastness.

I once again congratulate you on this beautiful spring holiday and wish all mothers happiness with their families and maternal pride



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