EuFoA: Downing of the Armenian helicopter nullifies Azerbaijan’s commitments

Nagorno-Karabakh helicopter went down in flames on November 12, killing all three crew members, after Azerbaijani forces claimed it was violating their airspace and shot it.

Azerbaijan has awarded the servicemen who downed the helicopter with a third degree medal for “distinguished military service.”

“We condemn the new outbreak of violation. We state that as always, it is the Azerbaijani authorities that are responsible for it again. This provocation nullifies Azerbaijan’s commitments. We hoped Baku would adopt a more rational and constructive behaviour after Armenia-Azerbaijan meeting on 27 October in Paris. Breaking the promise to France only a few days ago, the Azerbaijani leadership showed that it’s not a reliable partner in the region,” said Mr François Rochebloine, French MP and Member of EuFoA’s Europe-Armenia Advisory Council.

“It is clear to all international organisations that the Azerbaijani administration established a totalitarian regime based on fear, lies and repression. Therefore, it also tries to neutralise any attempt of freedom and rule of law in the region, attempting in vain to threaten also the population of Nagorno Karabakh and their strong commitment to democracy and fundamental rights by shooting down unarmed helicopters, or murdering civilians as it was the case a few weeks ago. Last but not least I would like to pass my deepest condolences to the families of the helicopter crew,” added EuFoA Director Mr Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa.

International organisations and Members of the European Parliament have also expressed their worries.

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