Charles Aznavour hosted by “Vecherniy Urgant”

Prior to his upcoming concert at “Crocus City Hall” in Moscow, the famous French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour was hosted by popular TV anchor Ivan Urgant at his “Vecherniy Urgant” (Evening Urgant) TV show. During the interview the legendary singer touched upon different topics.

To the Showman’s question how the singer manages to keep fit at the age of 90 Aznavour answered; “I feel OK, as I lead a normal lifestyle. I don’t do stupid things. I don’t go late to bed, I don’t eat and drink much. I gave up smoking and I am

still in love with my profession. One should always be in love with something”.

Asked how the singer managed to remember over 1000 songs composed by himself, the later said that he did not always appear to remember them by heart and thus has to learn them every time.

Among other things the Showman touched upon the issue of Azavour’s fame in Russia, not less as in other countries of the world mentioning that there is even a high class restaurant in the Center of Moscow called “Charles Aznavour”.

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