French Socialists visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial

Members of the Socialist Group of the French National Assembly, who have arrived in Armenia to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Jean-Jaurès (1859-1914), a French politician, Socialist and a friend of Armenians, visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial today.

The delegation lead by Bruno Le Roux, President of the Socialist Group in French National Assembly, laid a wreath at the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims and paid tribute to the memory of the victims with a minute of silence.

Also, the French delegation visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute to familiarize with the temporary exhibition.

The delegation comprises Françoise Dumas, Luc Carvounas, Rene Rouquet, Pascal Popelin, Erwan Binet, Nathalie Nieson, Serge Franceschi, Mourad Papazian, Harout Mardirossian, Alexis Govciyan, Richard Ananian, Jirig Gharapetian, Dikran Tchertchian, and Vartan Kaprielian.

On 1897, Jaurès was the only one to raise his voice in the House of Representatives to denounce the massacre of Armenians. He famously said: “Humanity cannot live with the corpse of a murdered people in his basement.”

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