The true reason behind Azerbaijan’s attempts to escalate tension at the border

Lena Badeyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Azerbaijan will not launch active actions at the border, it pursues a different objectives, political scientist Levon Shirinyan told a press conference today.

“There is a single and clear purpose behind the recent escalation of tension at the border. Azerbaijan is aware it won’t be able to take a single inch of land, taking into consideration the  military-political and strategic alliances Armenia adheres to and the condition of the Armenian army. The recent incident at Nakhijevan border is a vivid example of this,” Shirinyan said.

According to him, the task of the snipers is to increase the tension at the frontline to make people leave. “This is the meaning of Azerbaijan’s policy at the border. It’s easy to speak with preconditions with a country weakened by migration,” he said.

The political scientist suggests that official Yerevan address two important issues: solve the issue of withdrawal of snipers from the frontline and prevent the migration and organize repatriation.

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