CSTO defense ministers adopt Collective Forces rapid deployment plan

A plan permitting the rapid deployment of the Collective Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization was signed at a meeting of the CSTO Defense Ministers’ Council in Moscow on Tuesday, CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha told reporters.

The session’s agenda included ten topics, among them possible scenarios and measures to bolster military-technological cooperation between the organization’s member states, he said, the Voice of Russia reports.

“A plan for the rapid deployment of the CSTO Collective Forces was signed,” Bordyzha said.

“Measures were also addressed aimed at enhancing military-technical cooperation and stepping up our work intended to increase the effectiveness of the organization’s military component in response to the latest changes in the military-political situation both in Central Asia and the Eastern European region,” he said.

The Moscow event was attended by the defense ministers of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, as well as officials of the Secretariat and the Joint Staff of the CSTO and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) defense ministers discussed mutual support amid mounting external treats at the Moscow meeting, Russian First Deputy Defense Minister Arkady Bakhin said.

“Possible ways of mutual support of CSTO member states amid escalation of external threats and political and economic pressure have been considered,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

The defense ministers spoke about conditions in the CSTO responsibility zone and the situation in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine. They also planned the development of the CSTO military component.

The development of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) military component was mapped out at a meeting of the CSTO Council of Defense Ministers, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu said.

“We have exchanged opinions about the military strategic situation and conditions in the CSTO responsibility zone which are taking shape under the influence of global trends and events evolving in neighboring regions for the past few months. We have also discussed military cooperation in the CSTO format and planned further steps in the development of the organization’s military component,” Shoygu said.

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