Expert doubts Kessab Armenians will return to their homes

Anna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

“The events in Kessab were a military aggression by one country against another,” expert of Turkish studies Ruben Melkonyan told reporters today. Turkey’s attack on the Syrian territory can be considered in the context of Russia-West relations. According to him, it could be Turkey’s answer to Russia for Crimea. Turkey is the gendarme of Europe, that’s why the country was tasked with giving a response for Crimea.

The events in Kessab are extensively covered in the Russian press, and this is natural, Melkonyan said, adding that Russia has its interests here. He said Armenia should understand that Russia is raising the interests of Armenia on the international arena. “However, it would be naive to think Russia is guided by Armenia’s interests,” he said.

Ruben Melkonyan is not confident Kessab Armenians will ever return to their homes, as they understand there is danger and it can last long.

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