Armenian lawmakers report back on Kessab visit

Hasmik Dilanyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“The visit to Kessab was a fact-finding mission aimed at developing a package of suggestions on how we can help our compatriots in Syria,” Secretary of the Heritage Party Tevan Poghosyan told reporters today. He assured that the support to Kessab Armenians is very importance and called on intellectuals, businessmen, politicians, mass media representatives to visit Latakia.

Another law-maker Edmon Marukyan says people he met in Latakia told him that on March 21, at dawn, Armenian guards noticed how Turkish border guards drew back and an advancement of certain groups started.

The witnesses told the Armenian parliamentarian the rebels received $400 a day. The financing has now been stopped, but they are provided with an opportunity to rob the Armenian houses.

About 320 Armenian families found refuge at St. Astvatsatsin Church of Latakia after they fled Kessab. Many of them have now moved to relatives and friends. All of them are confident Syria will liberate Kessab and they will have an opportunity to return. “First of all the Kessab Armenians need financial assistance,” Marukyan said.

Expert of Turkish studies Atak Shakaryan considers that the events in Kessab are another occasion to remind the world about the Armenian Genocide ahead of its centenary.

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