Bako Sahakyan: Relative peace preferable than large-scale war

Armine Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

It has been possible to maintain relative peace thanks to the Minsk Group activity, President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Bako Sahakyan said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

“Azerbaijan is demonstrating ungratefulness by saying the Minsk Group has exhausted itself, as it’s thanks to the relative peace maintained by that Group that Azerbaijan reaches certain achievements,” he said.

Is it possible for the Minsk Group to be dissolved because of the disagreements between the three co-chairing countries against the background of Ukrainian events? Bako Sahakyan noted that they have said in official statements over years that Armenia, Azerbaijan and Artsakh should be grateful to the international community for their efforts, since relative peace is maintained due to the activity of the mediating mission. According to him, this relative peace is much more preferable than large-scale war.

“We have a number of problems, which we have inherited from Soviet times,” the President said, adding, however, that they will do their best to make Artsakh a better place.

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