Manvel Sargsyan: Self-determination growing into a powerful factor in the world

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

The values and principles that do not meet the expectations simply change. Deputy Director of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies Manvel Sargsyan told reporters today.

The collapse of the Soviet Union marked the start of such changes, which continue up until now. Russia took Crimea without a single shot, and this means completely new methods are working, he said.

According to Sargsyan, the talks about a new cold war following the Crimea events are senseless, since it’s impossible to understand the current developments in the world following the logic of the cold war.

“This is a period of changes accompanied by war. If there are no large-scale military actions, it does not mean there is no war. Change is war,” he said.

Manvel Sargsyan noted that self-determination is growing into a powerful factor in the world, which the Russian President has “made a flag, although the thesis is dangerous for Russia itself.”

The analyst said his impression is that it’s the West destroying Ukraine by the hands of Russia. He said it’s hard to understand today who is doing what.

Sargsyan said every case of self-determination is unique. He added that the referendums and self-determination of Karabakh, Kosovo and Crime are difference.

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