VMware software company to increase investments in Armenia

Sona Hakobyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The American VMware software company, which has an annual income of $4.61 billion, plans to expand its activity in Armenia and increase the number of employees.

One of the top three innovative companies in the world, the VMware launched its activity in Armenia in 2010. There are currently 60 programmers working at the Armenian office.

The Armenian team participates in the elaboration of the software package management systems.

According to Executive Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure and Management Company Ragu Raguram, the Armenia-produced products are used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure Adrian Tudor assured they will gradually increase the investments in the Armenian economy. He said Armenia is attractive, because there are many skilled engineers here and hailed the activity of the Armenian team.

“95% of our employees hold scientific degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. Therefore, we’re satisfied with the work of our team,” he said.

Although the Armenian market is not that big, the Vice President hopes it will expand in the coming years. “We are working within global economy, and we can say with confidence the goods produced here are sold all over the world,” Ragu Raguram said.

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