Heritage Party demands apologies from Russian authorities

The opposition Heritage Party demands an official apology from the Russian authorities for the incident involving MPs Zaruhi Postanjyan and Samvel Hayrapetyan. Also, the Heritage urges the Armenian law-enforcement and judicial bodies to investigate the incident and punish the guilty.

The two cars with Heritage members were stopped by Russian border guards in Syunik province Wednesday morning and  searched without any ground. They were not allowed to proceed until Zaruhi Postanjyan presented her badge.

On their way back to Yerevan the cars were again stooped and searched without any explanation.  One of the Russian servicemen reportedly broke the camera with which a Heritage member tried to record the incident.

Only afterwards they said they had stopped the car as part of a search for a wanted person.

The Heritage said in a statement that Postanjyan is going to report the crime.

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