Historic Armenian battle of Musa Dagh to be honored in Fresno

The 98th anniversary commemoration of a historic battle and rescue of Armenians will be held during Labor Day weekend in Fresno, the Musa Dagh Commemorative Committee said, the Fresno Bee reports.

Armenian villagers fought off Ottoman Empire soldiers from a peak called Mousa Ler for more than a month. The resistance continued until more than 4,000 villagers were rescued by Allied vessels.

The celebration will honor the “Forty Days of Musa Dagh” at the Fresno County Peace Officers Association Training Grounds.

The commemoration will begin on Saturday with traditional Davoul Zoorna and contemporary Armenian music, dancing, food, and the preparation of harissa, a lamb and whole wheat stew that was first prepared by the defenders of Mousa Ler.

The event will continue on Sunday with the Divine Liturgy, hogehangist and blessing of harissa.

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