Valerie Boyer to continue to insist on penalization of Armenian Genocide denial in France

French MP Valerie Boyer said at the conference “Armenian Genocide: A Bridge for the Reconciliation of Nations” hosted by the European Parliament that she’s ready to continue to insist for penalization of the Armenian Genocide denial in the French Law, Ararat News – Publishing (ANP) reports. 

Valerie Boyer, Member of the French Parliament from Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) spoke about the bill presented by her in the National Assembly of France in 2011 to penalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide. The bill was adopted by the Parliament and the Senate of France, but has been rejected by the Constitutional Council. MP Boyer shared her own deception, but also her “readiness to continue to insist for penalization of the Armenian Genocide denial in the French law”.

“Me and my family, we have been victims of threats; we needed to be under police protection when the bill was adopted by the National Assembly and the Senate. But this situation shows once more the importance of the question of penalization of the Armenian Genocide denial. I submitted two new proposals for law and I am also insisting for the establishment of Investigation Committee, which will analyze the role of third countries for the rejection of the bill in France”, said the French MP, Ararat News reports.

MP Boyer was also shocked by the fact that the French public disagreed with the proposal for the penalization law and she underlined the role of the French media for not covering the issue. However, the real reasons for rejecting the text, the deep relations between French and Turkish deep states and economical interests has not been explained at the conference.

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