ARF urges to take a day off or close businesses on April 24

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee issued an appeal this week, urging community members to take the day off or close their businesses on April 24 as a fitting gesture to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Asbarez reports.

Below is the text of the appeal:

The Armenian Genocide anniversary is upon us and every Armenian, once again, is preparing to honor the memory of the victims of this heinous crime by attending commemoration events or protests and expressing the commitment to our demands and the cause.

We are all mourners. We all have demands. While the struggle for justice is a daily matter, for all of us April 24 remains the day to honor the sacred memory of our martyrs. It is the day when we appreciate the extent of our personal and collective losses and a time when we must reevaluate our present and determine the course of our struggle, in the name of justice and the restoration of our rights.

By taking a personal day from work or closing businesses on April 24 many people instinctively express their firm stance befitting our national day of mourning.

However, some of our compatriots have veered from that tradition and, just like any other day, they go to work and keep their businesses open.

April 24 cannot be considered an ordinary day for any Armenian. Hence, we call on our community to assume responsibility for our martyred ancestors by closing their businesses and taking part in the day’s commemorative events.

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